Understanding And Symptoms Of Warts

Warts are a skin health problem that is generally characterised by a small rough-textured lump that appears on the surface of the skin. Warts are caused by human papilloma virus or HPV abbreviated. The virus that attacks the skin layer makes the production of keratin or hard proteins to be increased rapidly so that it exceeds the amount required by the body. Excess keratin is then accumulated on the top of the skin and form a new texture called warts. If you plan on removing warts, you can visit Wart Removal Clinic Singapore.

The virus that causes warts can be transmitted easily. Transmission of this condition can occur if a person is in direct contact with the skin of the patient or objects contaminated with the HPV virus. However, not all people who come into contact with the HIV virus will cause wart symptoms. This is strongly influenced by each body immunity. Therefore, patients with body immunity problems, such as people with HIV / AIDS or who have just done organ transplants, will be vulnerable to this disease. In addition to people with low immune systems, children and adolescents are also more susceptible to warts.

In general, the shape of the wart protrudes upward like a sphere having a rough surface. In addition to resembling a rough sphere, there is also a long and thin look. Warts can also develop in the soles of the feet in the centre around which surrounded by hardened skin. The diameter of warts can range from 0.1 to 1 centimetre. Warts can be in the hands or under the surface of the foot. Even so, warts can appear on the surface of any skin. Warts are a noncancerous condition. The appearance may be difficult to distinguish from other skin conditions. Therefore, visit a doctor to be seen and handled.

Although most cases of warts can improve on their own, treatment steps still need to be done, especially if warts have spread to other parts of the body, began to cause pain, and cause bleeding. Most warts can disappear by themselves without having to be treated, but this can take up to several weeks or even months.

It is better we try to handle warts at home by applying salves or plasters that contain salicylic acid that can be purchased without a prescription to speed up the healing process.While the method of removal of warts by sticking adhesive tape on the wart until now has not proven its success.