Overcome Anemia While Pregnant

One of the health problems that can be experienced by pregnant women is anaemia or lack of red blood cells. Although it looks like an ordinary health problem, health experts say that anaemia can harm the condition of pregnancy because it will increase the risk of miscarriage, bleeding, or even giving birth to a deceased baby. In order for you and your baby to be healthy, it helps if you check to Gynaecologist Singapore.

Health experts say that pregnant women should maintain good body condition, especially in terms of maintaining the levels of red blood cells. Normally, the pregnant women’s blood cell level is between 8 to 10.5, however, anaemia condition may decrease the number. If this level drops below 7, the risk of pregnancy may occur.

In order to maintain blood cell levels, pregnant women should maintain a nutritious food intake or take iron supplements or folic acid. By doing so, red blood cell levels can increase significantly while making red blood cells better in binding oxygen and spreading it to the various organs of the body that really need it.

Pregnant women should routinely perform the examination of red blood cells since the early phase of pregnancy or even before pregnancy. By knowing the levels of these red blood cells, then pregnant women can know whether he has anaemia risk when pregnant or not.

Some foods that are highly recommended to be consumed by pregnant women in order to prevent the coming of anaemia are meat, fish, and fruits that are rich in vitamin C and iron such as oranges and mangoes. By consuming healthy and nutritious food, then the health of mother and fetus in the womb can be maintained.

Pregnant women are certainly strongly advised to consume healthy foods with high nutritional value. The purpose of healthy food consumption is of course for the health of pregnancy can be maintained as well as make the development of the fetus remains maximum. Vegetables and fruits will certainly be the first recommendation for pregnant women because it has a variety of good nutrition for pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are several types of vegetables that should not be consumed by pregnant women. What are these vegetables?

– Sprouts
Small sprouts texture into consideration for health experts not to be consumed by pregnant women. With this small texture, we will certainly be difficult to clean it thoroughly so it is feared still contain exposure to pesticides. To prevent the emergence of pregnancy disorders, it’s good pregnant women do not consume this vegetable first.

– Papaya leaf
Young pregnant women should avoid papaya leaves because according to health experts, papaya leaves contain papain enzyme that can make fetal placenta more fragile. Only, after the pregnancy is mature enough, papaya leaf was safe enough to be consumed as long as not in excessive portions.